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2011 NFL Draft Results And Recap: Late-Round Pitt Players Could Be Steals

For me, it wasn't so much the early picks in this weekend's NFL Draft (Jon Baldwin and Jabaal Sheard) that stuck out to me. It was the late-round picks that intrigue me.

Dion Lewis in the fifth round - He of the 1,800-yard freshman season

Jason Pinkston in the fifth round - Considered one of the best offensive lineman the past few years in the Big East

Greg Romeus in the seventh round - A 2009 All-American and Big East Co-Defensive Player of the Year

I always pride myself on providing an unbiased point of view. But I really do believe that all three could turn out to be very good picks that late in the draft. All three have had incredible seasons at one point in their careers at Pitt and if they can stay healthy (which is a tremendous 'if'), all three could have nice careers. The weekly Pitt feature over at SB Nation Pittsburgh focuses on those selections - take a look.