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Pitt Football: Hugh Green Reminisces About Career

Former Pitt star Hugh Green talked with the Beaver County Times about his recruitment at Pitt, which apparently happened because Pitt was scouting a different player ... seems like that happens quite a bit.

Green talked about how he came to become a Panther:

"(Pitt) was trying to replace a little running back named Tony Dorsett," Green, 51, said. The back who Pitt was recruiting at the time was Rooster Jones. "We played (Jones’ team) twice that year (in 1976)."

Green was noticed by the Pitt brass and became a Panther teammate of Jones. While Jones fell way shy of matching the feats of Dorsett, Green’s achievements as a defensive end at Pitt neighbored those of the Hopewell High School great. Green was a second-team All-American as a freshman in 1977 and was first-team All-American his final three years. He finished second in the voting for the Heisman Trophy in his senior season in 1980.

Well, I'd say that worked out well.

Green also talked a bit about his career, injury, and teammates. Check out the full article.