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"Watch List" Watch: Nagurski And Outland Awards

More and more Watch Lists are being released and Pitt players have found their way onto two more. Brandon Lindsey has made another Watch List, this time for the Bronco Nagurski Award, which goes to the nation's most outstanding defensive player. Two Panthers made the Watch List for the Outland Award, which goes to the best lineman (offensive or defensive). Both of the Panthers are on the offensive side, Chris Jacobson and Lucas Nix.

Lindsey, as I said in the last "Watch List" watch, is a solid choice. He will be a key part of Pitt's new defensive formations as he will most likely be in the "Panther" position, which will be a DE-LB hybrid.

The two lineman nominees, Jacobson and Nix, are somewhat surprising, only because of how much of a weakness the line was for most of the season last year. Lucas Nix has been solid at offensive tackle, but it will be interesting how Jacobson does this season as he is moving to the center position. Jacobson, Nix, and Jordan Gibbs, Pitt's other offensive tackle, have a combined 49 starts, so hopefully, with 3 out of the 5 O-line starters having significant experience, the offensive line will improve.