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2011 College Football Polls: Pitt Ranked 36th By Sporting News

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The Sporting News released their updated 2011 college football rankings of all 120 Division I-A teams. Pitt came in at 36th, good for second third behind West Virginia and South Florida in the Big East - the Mountaineers were 22nd.

Jarred Holley wasn't all that concerned about it, though:

DB Jarred Holley: "I don’t really pay attention to that stuff. I mean, of course you take a peek at the magazines. But you can’t get caught up in the predictions. I just think we can accomplish all the goals we have for this season."

West Virginia defensive lineman Julian Miller also commented:

DL Julian Miller: "It’s almost like mixed feelings. It’s definitely an honor to be called the best team in the Big East. But we play a lot better when we’re in an underdog situation, when we’re not picked to do something."

Sounds like last year to me. Anyway, for the record, LSU checked in at No. 1.