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Week 10 SB Nation Big East power rankings

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Jonathan Daniel

Another week of Big East action came and went and for the first time this season (I think, anyway), my ballot remained completely unchanged from last week:

1. Louisville

2. Rutgers

3. Cincinnati

4. Syracuse

5. Pitt

6. Temple

7. South Florida

8. UConn

After nearly defeating Notre Dame on the road, the 'trendy' thing to do would have been to bump Pitt up to No. 4 over Syracuse. But with the two teams owning identical records and the Orange winning the head-to-head matchup, I wasn't comfortable doing that. I'm not convinced Syracuse is the better of the two teams, but they beat Pitt, have the same record, and this week, gave Cincinnati a pretty good run (unlike the Panthers did earlier this season) before fading in the second half.

As always, be sure to head over to The UConn Blog this week to check out the full results of the poll as well as the individual ballots of participating SB Nation Big East bloggers.

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