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(Don't) Bet the Farm: Pitt vs. Syracuse

Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

The season is winding down but Pitt's football team still has a couple of games to play before giving way to basketball season. The Panthers need to win Saturday's game against Syracuse in order to reach a bowl game.

Below, Cardiac Hill's writers give their predictions for the game and most of us are on board with the Panthers. The lone holdout (i.e. sellout)? Stephen.

Pitt is favored in the game, as they probably should be. They get the game at home, it's Senior Day, and against the only common opponent, Pitt fared much better, nearly knocking off Duke while the Orange lost by 17. Neither team is all that good, of course, but the Panthers have been a little more impressive this season.

Here are our picks for this week as well as the official standings - give us yours in the comments section.

Chris (7-3): Pitt

Anson (6-4): Pitt

Aron (6-4): Pitt

Stephen (6-4): Syracuse

Jim (5-5): Pitt

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