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Six for $36 Pitt-North Carolina Ticket Deal in place for Thursday

Jared Wickerham/Getty Images

As many of you know, earlier this year, I was named to Pitt's Fan Experience Committee, which was organized by the athletics department. We've had a lot of great discussion during our first meeting, which happened several weeks ago, and subsequent subcommittee meetings.

One good thing that's come out of a result of it is that we've had a lot of great communication of ways to generate fan interest and get more people to games. Recognizing the team's start and the upcoming nationally-televised game, the committee wanted to come up with a way to drive people to Thursday night's game against North Carolina. All eyes will be on Pitt and our goal is to get a packed house to Heinz Field.

By far and away, the best thing about the committee has been the athletics department's willingness to listen. I can unequivocally say they've taken everything broached into consideration. The committee wanted to offer a great ticket deal for Thursday's game to help fill the stadium and brought this to the athletics department for consideration. They, in turn, responded with a really cool idea.

For Monday and Tuesday only, tickets will be offered at an extremely low price in groups. For a limited time, you can secure six tickets to the North Carolina game for only $36.00.

The price of six bucks a ticket is for the six wins the Panthers have to date. Individual tickets for the game are generally $25.00 each, so you don't need me to tell you that it's a good value. We all hear the prices for a typical family of four to go to a game these days. This really is a great way to get down to the stadium for an important game to see a ranked team for next to nothing.

Realizing that you may even have tickets already, the idea is to pack the house here. The prices are low enough that you can help by getting them into the hands of friends, family, etc., that otherwise might not be attending or on the fence.

It's really important for Pitt to capitalize on the momentum they have and get behind the team. We've all seen the shots of Heinz Field when the crowd is light and on national TV on Thursday, we want to make sure the stadium is full. I plan to be there Thursday and hope you will too.

Head on over to the athletics department site and pick up your tickets.