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Ashton Gibbs Leads All Scorers In Blue-Gold Scrimmage

Pitt held its intrasquad blue-gold basketball scrimmage tonight. Ashton Gibbs led the blue team to the win and led all players in scoring.

The blue team (Ashton Gibbs, Lamar Patterson, Talib Zanna, Gary McGhee, Cameron Wright, Aron Nwankwo, and Nick Rivers) defeated the gold team (Brad Wanamaker, Travon Woodall, J.J. Moore, Dante Taylor, Nasir Robinson, Isaiah Epps, and J.J. Richardson) 66-52. The blue team was originally scheduled to have Gil Brown, but he was out with a hamstring injury, and didn't play. I actually thought the two teams were split up pretty evenly and would have probably given a slight edge to the gold team. Had Gil been on the blue team, the score could have been even more lopsided.

Gibbs led all players in points (22) and assists (5). Brad Wanamaker led the gold team with 19. Epps and Richardson were the two reserves for the gold team, while Nick Rivers and Aron Nwankwo were the subs for the blue team.

One guy who continued to stand out was Talib Zanna. He had 15 points and a team-high nine rebounds. He played well this summer - By my count, he averaged a double-double in the Greentree Summer League and eight points/seven rebounds during the team's trip to Ireland.

Sounds like he's been working hard and sees himself as a versatile player, though he'll probably be at power forward:

"I worked hard for this, to try to get ready for the season," Zanna said. "(Jamie Dixon) told me I was going to play the four the whole time (in the scrimmage). I’m probably going to play four (during the season). That’s pretty good to me. Wherever they put me, I’m good to go."

Zanna also commented on the team’s depth at the four and five positions.

"I think we can switch it," Zanna said. "It’s Gary, Dante, J.J., Nasir and me. J.J. plays the five sometimes, Nasir plays the four."

The Genac Attack has a good play-by-play account of the game and ensuing slam-dunk competitionwhich was won by J.J. Moore. Nasir Robinson filled in for the injured Brown.