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Pitt Football Recruiting: Nicholas Grigsby Aboard According To Scout

Could this be a sign to come? Nicholas Grigsby has reportedly committed according to Scout. If true, he would be the highest rated commit secured by coach Todd Graham.

Grigsby is a linebacker from Ohio and rated as a four-star by Rivals and a three-star by Scout. Grigsby had other offers reportedly from Michigan, Michigan State, Cincinnati, Missouri, Colorado, and several others. Rivals also lists him as the No. 16 outside linebacker in the nation.

I have to say I'm really shocked at this whole defensive push by Graham. Maybe it's just working out that way and he's filling the spots with whoever he can. But I really expected to see him stockpile more wide receivers and running backs. Pitt, right now, anyway, is even (nine offensive recruits and nine defensive ones), but Graham has been known for his offense, so I figured there'd be more offensive guys.

Not that I'm complaining, I'm just surprised.

But the Grigsby pickup is a really good one. Pitt only has one other four-star recruit that has committed (Khaynin Mosley-Smith, the four-star DT from prep school that's already signed) and this is the first four-star truly brought in by Graham.

This could be an exciting few days and anyone would be hard pressed to say the job that Graham has done over the past few weeks has been a poor one.