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2011 NFL Combine: Pitt's Dion Lewis Off To Rocky Start

The NFL Combine is barely off the ground, but Dion Lewis' height is already causing a stir.

Lewis has been listed at 5'7" or 5'8", but at the combine he was measured at only 5'6 1/2." That might not sound like a lot, but Lewis already had size working against him. Now, he's listed even shorter and while that doesn't necessarily mean the end for Lewis, it definitely gets him off on the wrong foot.

Dion wasn't the only one who was hurt by the measurements - West Virginia's Jock Sanders also measured below 5'7." That said, I think the whole talk about him possibly being undrafted (as mentioned in the link) is a bit of a reach. Lewis clearly had a down season last year, but he still rushed for more than 1,000 yards. When you add in his unbelievable 1,799-yard 2009 season, it's hard to imagine a team not taking a chance on him in the middle or even late rounds.