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Pitt Football: Kevan Smith Makes Wise Career Move

I mentioned last year that former Pitt quarterback Kevan Smith had taken up baseball and left the football team. He went on to not only play pretty well last season, but he made the All-Big East tournament team.

Now, Smith is not only continuing on with a pretty good college career, but he might have some pro aspirations.

Smith leads the Big East in hitting, batting over .400 right now. His hot start to the season earned him conference Player of the Week honors this past week. His nine RBI and seven runs led the Big East.

Not only is he excelling in the Big East, but as of the beginning of April, Smith ranked as one of the top hitters in all of college baseball.

Coach Joe Jordano has nothing but praise for him:

"Kevan has been great for us this year," said Head Coach Joe Jordano, "He is really doing a great job on both sides of the ball. This is a well deserved honor for Kevan."


"Kevan is really coming into his own on the diamond," Jordano added. "He has a bright future in the game."

That's right - a future in the game. Now, I like Smith and all, but I think it's safe to say he would have been hard pressed to have an NFL career. Not that the majors aren't a long shot, too, but it sounds like his chances are better there.

Smith was also named as one of the top college catchers before the season:

Smith split time behind the plate in 2010 with Cory Brownsten, who is now gone. The 6’4, 240 lb. senior earned All-Big East First Team recognition after more than doubling his RBI total to 46 in 2010. He also batted .361 with five home runs and 16 doubles. His efforts helped his team to a 38-18 mark that just missed an NCAA, thanks in part to St. John’s Big East Tournament championship run. Smith looks to pick-up where he left off at the end of a 2010 season that ended with a 20-game hitting streak.

Yeah, I'd say he made the right choice.