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2011 MLB Mock Draft: Kevan Smith With Shot To Be Selected

Kevan Smith wasn't quite able to lead Pitt to the Big East Championship, but he did have three home runs through three games and will have a shot at getting drafted in this year's 2011 MLB Draft.

One thing I didn't realize is that Smith had a shot at getting drafted out of high school before he even got to Pitt:

"Right now, I'm committed to football and committed 110 percent to coach Wannstedt," Smith said. "There is that chance that is always there that, you know, if the money was a lot of money that I would go and play baseball. But I'd also want a baseball team to probably pay for my college, or at least give me a lot of money toward school after my baseball career is finished.

"That would be a big part of it. If they would do that, I'd have to seriously consider baseball."

Kevan never did get picked in that 2006 draft, but his family said if he focused on baseball, he could have been selected in the top ten rounds.

Smith's stock appears to be rising. Last year, Baseball Draft Report (one of the few mock drafts out there) projected him as the 30th best catcher. The same site now lists him as the 18th best catcher for this year's draft (8th best college catcher):

Smith has been awesome at the plate and on the base paths (10/11 SB). It is great to see a player with such special physical gifts who is able to translate raw upside into big time college production. I never really have much of a clue how actual big league front offices view draft prospects and I haven’t heard any buzz about Smith’s draft stock, but I sure like him. Definitely on my short list of top senior signs.

How does that project overall? Well, I've not seen a complete mock on the site - only by position. But doesn't have Smith in the first ten rounds.