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2011 College Football Preseason Top 25 Rankings: Big Surprise - Pitt And Big East Not Highly Regarded

With so much talent leaving the Big East, I didn't expect any teams to be in many of the preseason rankings. West Virginia did manage to sneak into ESPN's College Football Live preseason Top 25, but that was it.

This is no cheap shot at West Virginia, but I'm surprised the Mountaineers were even included. Like Pitt, they're losing a ton this year - Noel Devine, Jock Sanders, Robert Sands, Chris Nield, and Brandon Hogan. By the end of the year, someone in the Big East could emerge as a pretty good team, but right now, there's no one I'd rank in the top 25. Everyone's losing some big-time talent with the exception of maybe South Florida. And it's hard for me to put the Bulls in the top 25 when, well, they fall apart everytime they're ranked up there.

2012 newcomer, TCU, comes in at No. 15. Here's the full list.