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Pitt Football: Devin Street Candidate For 1,000 Yards?'s Brian Bennett is again taking a look at top offensive performers for next season - this time in the category of wide receivers.

Of Pitt's wideouts, Bennett is the highest on Devin Street .

Regarding Street, Bennett says:

3. Devin Street, Pittsburgh, Soph.: I'm buying Street's stock, even though he had only 317 receiving yards last season. Todd Graham's offense is going to throw, throw, and throw some more, and Street seems like the most logical No. 1 target of Tino Sunseri's passes because of his size and athleticism. Mike Shanahan is also a strong candidate to go over the 1,000-yard mark after putting up 589 last season, but I see him as more of the possession guy to Street's big-play buster.

I'd agree with both of those points about Street and Shanahan. And if Pitt get off the number of plays it expects, I'd expect Street to have a good look at 1,000 yards just due to the sheer volume of snaps.

The counterpoint, of course, is that Tino Sunseri's deep ball leaves much to be desired. Instead of a few long bombs, Street may be forced to take shorter passes and turn them into big gains ... kind of like what he did to Syracuse last year, taking a screen pass and running nearly 80 yards with the ball.