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Pitt Basketball: After Leaving Pitt, Jaylen Bond Still Looking For A Home

Former Pitt recruit, Jaylen Bond, probably expected his phone to be ringing off the hook after he decided to attend prep school instead of coming to Pitt.

But that apparently hasn't been the case.

With Pitt two over the scholarship limit, Bond decided it was in his best interests to attend prep school, despite preparing to join Pitt in the Fall of 2011. He previously had several offers, but his phone has been surprisingly quiet since announcing his decision:

Out of high school, Bond held offers from La Salle, Penn State, St. Josephs, Temple and West Virginia. But since re-opening his recruitment, he hasn't heard from anybody.

"I haven't really talked to anyone since I decommitted from Pittsburgh and decided to go to prep school," Bond said. "I know some [schools] have contacted my grandfather."

Sure, there's plenty of time to make a decision. But I'm surprised that some of those schools haven't been in touch with him other than just talking to his grandfather. Bond is too talented, though, and I hardly see this as a big deal.

Even though he left the door open for coming to Pitt, I just don't see it. Even if Bond really did decide he didn't want to come to Pitt and wanted to go to prep school without the scholarship limit issue being there, the frontcourt is going to be crowded in 2012 with the addition of Steven Adams. I've got to think he's headed elsewhere.