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2011 NBA Draft: Brad Wanamaker To Miami Heat?

Will Brad Wanamaker join the Big Three in Miami? (Photo by Chris Trotman/Getty Images)
Will Brad Wanamaker join the Big Three in Miami? (Photo by Chris Trotman/Getty Images)
Getty Images

Could Brad Wanamaker be headed to the Eastern Conference Champion Miami Heat to join the Big Three? Ray Fittipaldo of the Post-Gazette has an interesting post up about why it may happen.

Still, personally, I wouldn't count on it.

His story, in a nutshell, is this:

Miami Heat president Pat Riley sat next to Jamie Dixon's father when Pitt played Butler in an NCAA tournament game in Washington in March. When I asked Jamie about that last week, he said he is friends with Riley and the Heat coaching staff, and that Riley was not there specifically to watch Brad Wanamaker or any other Pitt players.

But Dixon did say last week that the Heat have called about Wanamaker and Miami is an NBA destination that makes sense on several levels.

Now, sure, that's far from a guarantee. But the fact that they've called several times at least shows some interest.

Fittipaldo also mentions that the Heat don't have any draft picks. So if he were to go there, it would have to be as a free-agent pickup, unless the they trade for some picks.

Personally, I wouldn't get all that excited about the prospect. A lot of things still have to happen.

For one, Wanamaker has to fall out of the draft. That is a big possibility, but no sure thing. Then the Heat have to decide that they actually want Wanamaker. They may be intrigued about the idea of having him, but a big factor will be just who else is available as a free agent. Some players they may have expected to be drafted in the second round could slip out of the draft, which would obviously change things.

Then there's the fact that the Heat aren't necessarily a great fit for Wanamaker. They have three point guards in Mike Bibby, Mario Chalmers, and Eddie House and shooting guards Dwyane Wade and Mike Miller. In addition, many NBA pundits think the Heat are in need of another point guard who can run the offense more efficiently. Wanamaker wouldn't play ahead of any of those guards as a rookie.

Lots of things need to happen for Wanamaker to the Heat to become a reality, but as Fittipaldo points out, it sounds as if Miami may be interested.