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2011 NBA Mock Draft Roundup: Pitt Players Not Highly Regarded

I wrote a short piece back in February about Pitt players appearing in several 2011 NBA mock drafts. Things appeared to be looking up, but a scan of several sites recently shows that not many expect any Pitt players to be taken in tonight's draft.

Most sites do not have a single Pitt player going in their mock drafts.

As of last night, my favorite draft site, was one such site - despite the fact that they previously had Brad Wanamaker as a second-rounder. DraftExpress, which previously had both Wanamaker and Gilbert Brown (Brown all the way up in mid-second round territory) also now has no Panthers. And it was the same deal for Hoops Report, which previously touted Gary McGhee as a second-rounder ... they have Pitt getting shutout as well.

But there are plenty of other sites that are giving their two cents.

SB Nation and the Sporting News only projected one round and, predictably, no Pitt players were found.

The big guns (Insider) and Fox Sports also have exactly zero Panthers being selected.

There are a couple of sites that still think Pitt can have a draft pick or two, however. expects Gil to go in the middle of Round Two. And Hoops World is extremely optimistic, stating that both Brown and Wanamaker will go in the second round. The site even has Wanamaker just outside of the first-round as the third pick in the second round.

I've been over this before, but I don't see any way McGhee gets taken. I think it's an outside shot that Wanamaker or Brown get selected, but if I had to guess at one, I'd say it'd be Gil. He at least looks the part of an NBAer and while Brad does a lot of things well, I think there are lots of players who fit that mold.