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Pitt Football: Previews, Previews, Previews

Yep, here's yet another Pitt football preview.

This time it's an Associated Press preview as part of a Big East series that was posted on The name of the game for Pitt is solidarity:

The former Tulsa coach sees the facility as an extension of the energy he’s trying to bring to the Panthers. And he sets the tone the moment a player walks through the front door.

Two steps inside the facility a rope hangs from the wall, a reminder to his players that they’re in this thing together.

"He wants us to hold that rope, to know that if someone is hanging off the cliff we need to hold on and help them," said senior defensive lineman Myles Caragein. "He’s about teamwork and holding each other accountable and sticking with them."

We're now less than a week away until all the talking stops. That Buffalo game on Saturday can't come soon enough.