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Pitt Vs. Notre Dame: Breaking Down The Two-Deep

A few days late, but here is the athletic department's game notes for the 67th meeting of Pitt and Notre Dame. Following the loss last week, expect some changes in the lineup, especially on defense.

Here are the past three two-deeps for comparison:




QB: Tino Sunseri, Trey Anderson OR Mark Myers

Reaction: No change from last week. As much as fans would like Tino out, I have to agree with his statement earlier this week. The Iowa game was his best game this season. Todd Graham spoke of designing a package specifically for Anderson, but we didn't see him against Iowa. Perhaps against the Irish?

RB: Ray Graham, Zach Brown, Corey Davis OR Malcolm Crockett

Reaction: Graham had a bit of a down performance last week, failing to crack the 100-yard mark. Brown didn't see the field, which is surprising considering he is the #2 back. Perhaps an injury that Coach isn't talking about? Davis had a carry last week and looked decent.

HB: Hubie Graham, Anthony Gonzalez OR Drew Carswell

Reaction: Gonzalez finally appears on the depth chart after serving his two game suspension. He looked okay in the time he played on Saturday, catching two balls for 13 yards.

FB: Mark Giubilato, Khaynin Mosley-Smith

Reaction: No change from last week

X-Receiver: Devin Street, Ed Tinker

Y-Receiver: Mike Shanahan, Salath Williams

Z-Receiver: Cam Saddler, Ronald Jones

Reaction: No change from last week. The receivers had a good game against Iowa. I was really impressed with the trick play that resulted in a TD pass from Jones to Saddler. I'm looking forward to seeing Graham slowly open the playbook more throughout the season and seeing what else this team can do.

LT: Juantez Hollins, Justin Virbitsky

LG: Chris Jacobson, Matt Rotheram

C: Ryan Turnley, Chris Jacobson

RG: Lucas Nix, Cory King

RT: Jordan Gibbs, Greg Gaskins

Reaction: No change from last week. Jacobson suffered a knee injury in the game last weekend, but as far as I can tell, he seems to have gotten over it. Still is something to keep an eye on this weekend.

DE: Brandon Lindsey OR Aaron Donald, Justin Hargrove

Reaction: The big change is Donald reappearing as a starter at end. He played well last week, registering a sack. He'll see time while Lindsey bounces back and forth from DE and Panther linebacker

DT: Chas Alecxih, Tyrone Ezell

Reaction: No change from last week

NT: Myles Caragein, Aaron Donald, Khaynin Mosley-Smith

Reaction No change from last week. 

Panther Linebacker: Juan Price OR Brandon Lindsey, Joe Trebitz

Reaction: LaQuentin Smith is no longer listed at the position. Price had a great game against Iowa, recording two sacks and he's only going to get better.

Spur Linebacker: Todd Thomas, Greg Williams, Carl Fleming

Reaction: Thomas has retaken the starting role from Williams. The linebackers were...okay against Iowa. Obviously play could've been better and towards the 4th quarter I feel them and the secondary were terrible. But in the beginning of the game they were solid.

SAM Linebacker: Tristan Roberts, Shane Gordon, Nick Grigsby

Reaction: Roberts has taken the starting role from Gordon after having a good game last week where he recorded ten tackles. Grigsby makes his first appearance on the depth chart which is nice. It was reported that he was having a decent camp, but was injured.

WILL Linebacker: Max Gruder, Tristan Roberts, LaQuentin Smith

Reaction: Smith reappears in the lineup at this position. Gruder was really involved on defense last week, registering 14 tackles. 

CB: K'Waun Williams AND Antwuan Reed, Buddy Jackson, Saheed Imoru, Lloyd Carrington

Reaction: Not a good game last week for the secondary. They're going to need to step up if they hope to slow down this Notre Dame passing attack.

Bandit Safety: Jason Hendricks, Lafayette Pitts, Brandon Ifill

Reaction: Same as the cornerbacks, the safeties also need to improve if Pitt hopes to beat the Irish.

Free Safety: Jarred Holley, Andrew Taglianetti, Brandon Ifill

Reaction: No change from last week.

Special Teams: Kevin Harper (PK), Matt Yoklic (P + holder) OR Mark Myers (P), Kevin Barthelemy (LS), Corey Davis (KOR), Ronald Jones (PR)

Reaction: a punter? I mean if Sunseri is allowed to pooch punt (please never again), I suppose why not.