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Mark Myers Is Ready To Compete For Starting QB

Everyone has been wondering if Chad Voytik would be able to come in and win the starting QB spot ahead of veteran Tino Sunseri. Many, though, haven't considered a more likely possibility - Mark Myers' ability to move up the depth chart.

Mark Myers has the potential to be a great QB for Pitt under Paul Chryst's new (old) system. He is a prototypical pro-style QB with a great arm. But he never seemed to have the motivation to win the starting position and under Todd Graham, wasn't believed to have the athleticism to garner any consideration. With Chryst being hired, that all seemed to change:

"I definitely feel like I've matured a lot," Myers said. "I've spent a lot more time in the film room and studying and working on the field a lot."

Myers, understandably, is glad to get back to a pro style offense:

"The new coaches came in with a pro style offense, which is what I came in with (Dave) Wannstedt," Myers added. "I think it’s a real good fit for me. I think our guys are going to fit real well into this; get a good season going."

All of that said, whether or not he will actually be able to unseat Tino is another question.

Both have reportedly not played all that well in the limited practices so far this spring. Only a few practices in, it's still really early. But even with Youngstown State being 5 1/2 months away, there's still a great need to get better. And if neither is significantly better, the edge clearly goes to Tino based on his experience.

Tino is the frontrunner, but if Myers is able to really buckle down and focus, the chance exists that he can provide Sunseri with serious competition for the starting job.. Myers might have the potential to be great, but he never seemed to have the desire to seize the job. Todd Graham appeared to try to light a fire under him last season when he moved then walk-on Trey Anderson up the depth chart ahead of Myers going into Pitt's first game against Buffalo, but Myers kind of faded into the background after that.

It remains to be seen what happens, but people who have been clamoring for Sunseri to be replaced have to be happy with the news that Myers could be improved this year. Tino is still the odds-on favorite to win the starting job ahead of Myers and Chad Voytik, but who knows - there could still be a legitimate competition for the starting job.

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