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Greg Romeus Still Battling Injury In New Orleans Saints' Camp

Greg Romeus is still battling injury in the New Orleans Saints camp and hasn't been on the field.

I was hoping to see him be ready for the season ... heck, when I checked in on him after the draft, even he thought he'd be ready after speaking to WWLTV in Louisiana:

The injuries might not cause him to miss any time once training camp begins. Romeus said his back "hasn’t been a concern since my surgery. That’s a non-factor." And his surgeon has told him that his knee should be ready by August.

"I’ve been running, doing explosive stuff," Romeus said. "My surgeon told me I’d be ready for camp. I’m just going to keep rehabbing it and be patient."

Instead, not only has Romeus not played, he might be headed for IR.

As of a couple of weeks ago (and I believe still to this point), Romeus had not practiced so far this year. And not only has he yet to practice, but that same writer from the initial WWLTV story thinks he could be headed for IR.

This has to be frustrating for Romeus. He didn't play much last season and if he's out this year, that's two years of barely getting on the field. Mix in the fact that he lost his mother last year, and he's had a rough go of it.

Safe to say that he's got a lot of fans hoping he can get back onto the field.