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The Morning After: Weekly Pitt link dump


It's Monday morning, so it's time for another weekly collection of links from Pitt-related stories that we didn't get to last week. I didn't get around to adding in a music video for this week again, so onto the links:

The football team got some contributions from freshmen this year's take on Pitt heading into their bowl game against Ole Miss

The Oakland Zoo offered a cool gesture for Cam Wright recently

The basketball team is struggling with the zone this year

The Pitt News is not impressed by another BBVA Compass Bowl

The Beaver County Times took a look at conference realignment

Atlantic Coast Convos looks at how Louisville stacks up against Pitt and other ACC teams

ACC Football Rx looks at conference division and scheduling with Louisville now in the mix

Ray Graham picked up an ESPN helmet sticker for his game this weekend

Big East basketball-only schools may be in trouble with realignment

Pitt's wrestling program defeated No. 11 Virginia Tech last week

The women's basketball team lost to Lafayette - growing pains still apparent

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