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Chris Jones Wants To Play Right Away

Chris Jones may find getting minutes as a freshman difficult (Jamie Rhodes-US PRESSWIRE)
Chris Jones may find getting minutes as a freshman difficult (Jamie Rhodes-US PRESSWIRE)

Call this an obligatory quote from new recruit Chris Jones (after all, who doesn't want to play right away), but it still got me thinking about Pitt's guard situation:

"I just want to go there and earn some playing time right away," said Jones, who expects to major in communications. "I’m just ready to start my career there as a Panther."

That may be easier said than done.

Jones joins a suddenly-crowded backcourt in 2012. Tray Woodall will run things at the point, obviously. And even though John Johnson and Cameron Wright had some bad moments to go along with the good in 2011-12, both have a year on Jones in terms of experience in the program.

Then there's the wild card, Trey Ziegler. If Zeigler gets his waiver, it will be even more difficult for someone like Jones to break into the rotation to get regular minutes. There's also fellow freshman, James Robinson, to contend with.

Will be interesting to see how things shape out. Woodall's the only known commodity at this point. If Zeigler is indeed eligible, you've got to think he can start. But after that, it's a mystery. The thing is that even if Zeigler isn't eligible, Lamar Patterson or J.J. Moore could very well get the starting spot at shooting guard. But it will be interesting to see who's first off the bench for Pitt.

Jones is also a taller guard, so he could potentially play some small forward. But if Zeigler gets his waiver, it will be tough to get time there with Patterson and Moore around.

He could play right away, but it's far from a guarantee.

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