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ESPN releases final ACC football power rankings

Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

A lot of times we don't get to stuff immediately here. This is a part-time venture/hobby for all of us here, so sometimes we're not exactly 'timely'. That said, no, we're not incredibly late with this. ESPN literally just released their final ACC power rankings on Wednesday for some reason.

Pitt finished eighth on the season out of the 14 ACC schools. The Panthers finished just behind Georgia Tech, but just ahead of Syracuse. If I had to slot Pitt, that's probably about where I'd put them. You cold make the argument for Boston College being ahead of them, but the No. 8 ranking is more than fair since I don't think you can realistically put them any higher.

One interesting move was the ranking of North Carolina all the way up at No. 4. That looks weird given their 7-6 record but the way they finished, winning six of their last seven games doesn't even make that completely unreasonable. I wouldn't have ranked them above teams like Virginia Tech and Miami because those teams had fewer losses and both beat the Tar Heels, but I can understand the logic a little.

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