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Cardiac Hill Podcast - Episode 3: Wonders of the Week

Host Jesse Irwin digs a little deeper into the Panthers' ACC success as contributors Jim Hammett and Stephen Gertz hop on to provide some explanations and expectations.

You and I both know that this isn't just your average University of Pittsburgh basketball team.

After a classic reunion with the Orangemen last Saturday in which the Panthers came dangerously close to shocking the #2 team in America, and a 33-point shooting clinic on the Clemson Tigers this past Tuesday, Jamie Dixon's band of ballers have exceeded expectations for their inaugural season in the Atlantic Coast Conference.

So what's to come? Maryland today, Duke Monday? Well last time I checked, that team we shot 56% from the field against took down Mike Krzyzewski's Blue Devils only two weeks ago. So what in the name of Donatas Zavackas does that tell ya?

Take a listen.

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