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Cardiac Hill Podcast - Episode #13: Pitt Football Q&A with Jim Hammett

As the Panthers give up their third consecutive game since starting out 3-0, Jesse picks the brain of Cardiac Hill contributor Jim Hammett.

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

It's tough to come up with answers for why or how Pitt's football team has managed to leave the last three stadiums it's played in with a loss. Do we point a finger at the secondary? How about one at the offensive line? Maybe another at Chad Voytik? Or all ten of them at the coaching staff?

Especially with a game against the Hokies – a former Big East rival – up next, the Pitt fan base needs answers.

I called up Jim Hammett, one of Cardiac Hill's football minds, to pick his brain on the Panthers sudden reroute from undefeated to even. Naturally, he answered the phone ready to talk gridiron..