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Dallas Cowboys 2014 NFL Draft: Devin Street believes he was a first/second-round player, undervalued in NFL Draft

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sport

After taking him with their fifth-round pick in the NFL Draft, word came out about the Dallas Cowboys thinking former Pitt wide receiver Devin Street was a third-round talent. If you ask Street, though, he believes he should have gone even earlier than that.

In a recent interview, Street made some candid comments about his abilities:

Anything can happen. We knew it was deep draft. I was hurt at end of the season so I couldn’t play in the Senior Bowl, which could’ve hurt me a little bit. It’s just hard to watch film and get a feel for a player. If I went to the Senior Bowl I think it would’ve helped me. Teams could’ve seen me in person and I think it would’ve answered some of their questions. I feel like I’m a 1st or 2nd round talent to be honest with you. I was hoping to be picked by the 3rd round.

Street also had some words about a few receivers taken in front of him:

I know I’m better than a lot of the wide receivers who were drafted before me. Now it’s time to prove it and make my name rise up out of this draft class. It’s just some extra fuel to the fire.

It's really easy to see how he feels that way since his list of credentials is a mile long. You don't become an all-time leader in receptions at a major school by being an average player. Street really projects better than where he was taken.

I'm not sure if Street will be a star in the league, but I do expect him to have a nice career. He just finds ways to make plays and with his hands, I don't see him flaming out.

Definitely check out the entire article - lots of good stuff there.

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