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Chad Voytik will continue to see opportunities going forward for Pitt

Peter Casey-USA TODAY Sports

We've talked quite a bit about Pitt's quarterback situation so far this season. That's bound to happen, though, when you have a quarterback change two games into the year. Pat Narduzzi talked a little about backup Chad Voytik and while we don't know how much he'll be used going forward, we do know this - he will get chances to play.

"I think every week we will have something going in. I think he's a great football player and we want to keep him warmed up and ready to go. As a defensive coordinator, everyone is vulnerable to quarterback runs and it's the eleventh guy. He does it so well.

The big issue for me has been the use of Voytik so far. I said going into the Virginia Tech game that if he was going to be in there, he needed to not only run the ball, which would become extremely predictable. Narduzzi seemed to agree with that (at least indirectly) and said he does have passing plays in his package.

"I was really disappointed he didn't get a chance to throw the ball. We had some other stuff that we didn't use.

People think that he's the running guy. I really wanted his first play to be a pass so maybe this week."


"But, I think everyone is going to think that he's going to run it and I don't want that to be the case. He will run the ball and he will throw the ball. You just have to base it off of the situation, weather conditions or how we're holding it up defensively."

That's good news. Not in terms that Pitt needs to force a square peg into a round hole and play two quarterbacks on and off. Rather, it's good to hear that Voytik will get a chance to pass and run because that will keep defenses more on their toes.

I still don't expect Voytik to play all that much and I'm fine with that. But I do think his scrambling ability is a nice skillset to have and if Pitt allows him to throw some while he's out there, that makes him even more dangerous.

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