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Wiz Khalifa to perform at Pitt's Midnight Madness event

Pitt has set up a big time guest for its basketball preseason event.

John Parra/Getty Images

To be frank, Pitt's Midnight Madness event last year did not go well. It was hastily organized, and was competing with the fireworks and laser light show down on lower campus while being held in the fieldhouse. This year, there seems to have been a lot more thought put into it. Pitt had announced a few weeks ago that ESPN analyst Jay Williams would be emceeing the event, and now it has been announced that hometown music star Wiz Khalifa will be performing at the event, which is free to all students and fans.

In addition, former Pitt Men's Basketball players Carl Krauser and Tray Woodall will be there, along with Pitt Women's Basketball former stars Shayla Scott and Brianna Kiesel

From what I understand, this event has been in the planning stages for a while, so a lot of thought has gone into this event. The first Midnight Madness Pitt held on the outdoor court in front of the Cathedral was an absolute blast, and really got Pitt some notoriety, and I think this could be on a similar level.

The event will be at the Pete and is open to students and general fans. Doors open at 10 pm, and event starts at 11. It'll include live musical performances, player introductions, a shooting stars challenge and much more according to the press release. Basically, go watch the fireworks and laser light show, then head up to the Pete for some Khalifa tunes and Pitt basketball hyping. It should be a great event, so grab your Zoo shirt and be there.