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Pitt cornerbacks not fully entrenched as starters

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

New Pitt coach Pat Narduzzi has cornerbacks Lafayette Pitts and Avonte Maddox penciled in as his starters. 'Penciled' being the operative word since it doesn't sound like that's set in stone.

Speaking after practice on Wednesday, Narduzzi said that those guys don't have starting jobs locked up. "Obviously, they're starters, so we've got to feel good with them," Narduzzi said. "What's it going to be in ten days? I don't know. It may feel good with a new two starters, I don't know."

While you could argue that coaches will say that almost any job is up for grabs in training camp, Narduzzi's statement was hardly a vote of confidence for those two guys.

That said, the move to play Jordan Whitehead at safety (which, Narduzzi confirmed is the plan on Wednesday) makes it seem like the staff is at least somewhat confident with what they have at corner. Seem like a contradiction of sorts to you? Me, too.

I don't know what to think of the corners and to be honest, I don't think the staff does, either. They've likely got some really mixed feelings on both. The problem is there's not a ton of quality depth at that position so it becomes a question of finding a replacement if one or both need to come out of the starting spot.

My hunch is that, with the Whitehead move to safety, we'll see Pitts and Maddox as the starters heading out of camp. That's not based on inside knowledge or whatever. It just seems like common sense based on what else Pitt has there. Other players may step up over the course of the year and/or Pitts and Maddox could play themselves out of the position. But it's going to be hard to take out a three-year starter and the team's most promising young cornerback that started half the season last year.

Things may not be locked up yet, but it sure looks like Maddox and Pitts will be difficult to unseat.

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