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Poll of the Week: Dominos?

Did the Panthers see the first domino fall when Rashad Wheeler committed or just a single recruit making his decision?

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

With training camp under way, you thought you were going to get a question about play on the field or something like that. Unfortunately, just like the late, great Roddy Piper would say: "Just when you think you have all the answers, I change the question!"  RIP Rowdy One.

We turn towards the recruiting world with the latest commit of Central Catholic defensive lineman Rashad Wheeler. Wheeler is a local product and has a fair amount of ties to current Panthers, current commits and most importantly: targets, targets, targets. Since Pat Narduzzi took over, the term "package deal" has been tossed around a good amount among Pitt fans. The fan base didn't calm down any with developments at the South Side facility. It just so happens on the same day that Wheeler committed, highly sought after Damar Hamlin showed up at the Panthers' first practice. Hamlin is also Wheeler's teammate at Central.

Add to that, defensive lineman (and Pitt legacy) Zack Gilbert closing in on a decision that some feel favors Pitt. Khaleke Hudson delayed his announcement not so long ago. This seems to work in Pitt's favor, as WVU was building momentum as the favorite there and a few other recruits sniffing around Oakland and you start to wonder: Is this the start of something?

We ask you Cardiac Hill readers to answer below and let us know if Wheeler's commitment is the start of the so called domino effect OR no big deal?

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