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Pitt Basketball: Lamar Patterson Reportedly Charged In Incident

The off-field/court issues that dogged Pitt football last year had eluded the basketball taem so far. That ended with Lamar Patterson reportedly being charged from an incident in December.

Patterson is reportedly being charged with skipping out on a tab at a restaurant. But that wasn't it:

Patterson, 19, is charged with providing false identification to law enforcement, theft of services and carrying a false identification card, according to Manheim Township police.

Patterson isn't the first college student to ever use a fake ID. But that combined with the restaurant tab really doesn't look good.
We've obviously seen off-court non-academics incidents before - most recently perhaps with Keith Benjamin's alleged assault (later dropped) and Levance Fields' Strip Distrct fiasco. Neither Benjamin nor Fields were removed from the team as a result of those incidents.
Another thing to consider is that Pitt is already over the limit in scholarships (by two) next season, assuming everyone is academically eligible). A player can't lose his scholarship, but we've all seen examples of players 'moving on.' I don't think this is the type of thing that would typically get a player booted from a program, but considering the scholarship circumstances, it likely wasn't in his best interests.
We'll have to see how this plays out.