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Pitt Football Recruiting: Zach Brown Ready To Roll

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As Mike mentioned several days ago, Pitt got some good news with the addition of Zach Brown, the transfer from Wisconsin. Brown's transfer had been rumored, but it became official recently.

Obviously, the transfer is welcome news.

Most importantly, he is eligible to play this season since he's already graduated. That will help ease the strain head coach Todd Graham would have had in trying to balance out how much playing time one of his freshmen running backs would have received behind Ray Graham.

Another thing to remember is that Pitt now has a legitimate backup in case Graham goes down with injury. Pitt had an extreme luxury last year by having Graham behind Dion Lewis. Graham could start for almost any team in the nation and having him as a backup last year was out of the ordinary. Brown isn't as good as Graham, but his presence will at least give Pitt a running back with experience in case Graham goes down with an injury.

Yet another benefit to having Brown around is the fact that he's a slightly different back than the all-purpose Graham.

Graham is probably quicker, while Brown may be more of a bruiser. Still, Pitt isn't limiting his role:

While Brown is listed at 220 pounds, 25 pounds heavier than Graham, Magee said he would not be used exclusively as a short-yardage back.

"We're not limiting his role," Magee said. "He's going to come in and compete."

Co-offensive coordinator Calvin McGee talks a bit more about his style:

"I'm excited about having him," Pitt co-offensive coordinator Calvin Magee said. "I'm excited about the experience he is going to bring. He's been in big games. He's a big, punishing running back.

Lost in all of this is that Pitt is also going to be without Henry Hynoski, who offered a nice change of pace and had the build to get a tough yard or two.

One thing I didn't know was that Brown chose Pitt over Miami. I was a fan of bringing Brown in after it became news that he was looking at Pitt, but the apparent interest by the Hurricanes makes me feel even better about the pickup - especially since Miami has a bevy of running backs coming back next season - seven sophomores, juniors, and seniors in all.

In the end, the Brown pickup is extremely valuable.