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Three Star North Carolina DB Anthony Covington Commits To Pitt

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As Pitt moves to the ACC, one of the biggest questions left to be answered is whether Pitt will shift its recruiting to some of the more Southern - or at least Mid-Atlantic - states that represent the conference. Maryland and Virginia seem to be no-brainers, but what about the Carolinas, Georgia and Florida? And, of course, whether those kids will be willing to give Pitt a shot is a different question all together.

We're a long way off from knowing the answers, but we got a little closer tonight as Pitt accepted a verbal commitment from Anthony Covington of Charlotte, North Carolina.

More on Covington after the jump.

Covington is a consensus three-star player according to Rivals, ESPN and 247. He's listed anywhere from 5'10 185lbs, to 6'0" 195lbs.

Covington picked Pitt over a pretty impressive group of offers in ACC country - UNC, North Carolina State, East Carolina, Georgia Tech, Miami, Wake Forest and Virginia all offered the Mallard Creek standout. North Carolina hasn't seen a lot of attention from Pitt recruiters before, so we'll see if Covington's commitment is a trend or an outlier.

Covington is the second cornerback for the 2013 class and will pair with Clairton's Titus Howard. Corner is not a huge need in this class and with 16 commitments already, I wouldn't be shocked if Covington is the last corner they take this year.

Highlights/Promotional video below.

Welcome home, Anthony.

Anthony Covington 2011 mallard creek highschool (via macc8850)