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Hail To Links! The "Regroup And Move On" Edition


Yes, that happened. An FCS school dominated an FBS school that some had predicted to win the conference. Excuses can be made for injuries and suspensions, but they won't help. Getting yourself in a tizzy over the names being removed from the back of the jersey doesn't help either. It's over now, time to move on...and there is little time to do so. So today we will cover Tino's abilities in this offense, DeJuan Blair's brother suiting up for the Bearcats, some game previews, and more...after the jump.

All in the family. DeJuan Blair's younger brother, Greg, will start at middle linebacker for the Bearcats this Thursday night.

Playing the hand you are dealt. At this point in his career, we know what Tino can and cannot do. He can be an efficient, game managing quarterback, as long as too much is not asked of him. Paul Chryst believes he can build off of this.

No respect at all. After completely dominating the Panthers, Youngstown State failed to crack the Top 5 in the FCS rankings this week.

You've got questions, we've got answers. Chris over at had a few questions about this week's game. Fortunately, I was able to put together a few answers for him by speaking in hypotheticals...because if I don't acknowledge last week's game, it didn't actually happen.

Previews, previews, everywhere! Cincinnati's official athletics blog takes a look at Thursday's game.

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