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Pitt Football ranked #25 in AP Writer's Poll

Pitt is ranked for the first time since 2010 preseason

Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

After coming in at #28 in the USA Today Coaches poll, Pitt made a somewhat surprising entry into the AP Top 25 by coming in right at #25. The full polls are here

The last time Pitt was ranked in either poll, it was preseason of the 2010 season when Pitt was #15. Pitt was coming off a a very good yet disappointing 10-3 campaign in 2009. Your starting QB was redshirt sophomore Tino Sunseri backed up by Pat Bostick, your starting running back was Dion Lewis backed up by Ray Graham, and your wide receivers were Jonathan Baldwin, Mike Shanahan, and Devin Street. Pitt's coach? Dave Wannstedt. If that list of names doesn't give you a throwback feeling of how long it's been, I don't know where you've been. Tyler Boyd and James Conner I believe were also sophomores in high school if you needed further clarification.

Dave Wannstedt was fired at the end of that season. It's taken 4.5 seasons, 3 full time coaches, a conference change, an athletic director change, and a chancellor change but Pitt is back in the polls, or at least one of them.

Pitt shouldn't waste any time celebrating the ranking, however. They've got a road game against Cuse coming up and then a huge game against UNC at home in a couple weeks. Pitt is still in the driver's seat for the Coastal right now, and the potential is there for a very successful season. Pat Narduzzi has to keep the players focused. Hopefully this will be the lowest Pitt is in the polls for the rest of the season.