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Tyler Boyd becomes Pitt's all-time leading receiver

Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

Tyler Boyd has already been cemented as one of the best receivers to ever play for Pitt. But if his career needed any more validation, it got it yesterday as Boyd passed Devin Street to become the Panthers' all-time (career) leading receiver.

Boyd first tied, then with his 203rd career reception, topped Street's mark set just a couple of seasons ago in 2013. He finished the day with eight catches for 68 yards and two touchdowns, and will now add to this total of 204 catches the rest of the season.

The impressive thing about what Boyd has done is that he's been a star since Day 1. In 2013 as a true freshman, he was arguably the most impressive player on the field for Pitt in a blowout loss against Florida State. As time went on, he just got better and better.

I found it somewhat ironic that on the day he broke the record, his all-around game was on display. As Chris pointed out in the Panther of the Game article, Boyd did a little bit of everything. From returning punts, to catching the crucial fourth down ball on the final drive, to recording carries as a running back, to throwing a 29-yard completion that was nearly a touchdown - he just did it all yesterday.

And while we just saw the record secured, it's also one that could stand for a little while - even assuming that Boyd leaves after this year. Most talented players generally leave after three seasons and with plenty more targets heading his way, he has a chance to really put the record out there a good ways after this year. A four-year player could do it, but when you consider that Street held the all-time record at 202, you don't often get a guy that is good enough but also sticks around for four seasons as well.

That said, I'd never be as foolish to say that it won't ever be broken - that looks particularly silly considering this is the second time in only two years it's been broken. And when you look at the all-time list of career receivers, Pitt's record isn't exactly near the top so plenty of guys have put up bigger numbers over the course of a career. Right now, Boyd currently sits at 185th all-time. But I do think it's one of those things that could stand for a while just because he still has at least six more games to play if he remains healthy and will have a chance to add another 50 or so catches to the mark.

Regardless of whether it's broken or not, a big congratulations to Boyd are in order for a really special achievement.

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