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The Morning After / Weekly Pitt Link Dump: #41 (Dave Matthews Band)

Dave Matthews Band - #41 (DMB Live at Brixton Academy - Europe box set) (via felipeviegas)

This week's music courtesy of the Dave Matthews Band. Unbelievable version of #41 on tap. Look, even if you're not a Dave fan, I strongly advise you to listen to this one. And if you're too busy waiting to play a Coldplay album or something, fast forward to around the 8:30-minute mark for some of the best sax and drum music you'll ever hear in a modern-day rock band.

Trust me - this is 13 minutes of your day well worth it.

Weekly Pitt links that we didn't get to last week after the jump.

Senior Shayne Hale is ready to contribute this season on the football squad

Savon Goodman is still a possibility for Pitt - maybe even for 2012

With Pitt and West Virginia leaving the Big East, what will take its place as the best rivalry?

Andy Reid says Lesean McCoy was overused last year

More McCoy ... he was almost a Redskin?

Paul Chryst was on the The Fan last week

He's also making the rounds in Pennsylvania

Dave Wannstedt, who coached Junior Seau in Miami, remembered him after his death

Speaking of Wannstedt, he's still not well-liked by some in Chicago

Meanwhile, Todd Graham is impressing at Arizona State (hold your jokes until the end, please)

Here's a brief Pitt football preview

Jarred Holley and Devin Street are fans of the new coaching staff

In case you're not paying attention, former Pitt stars Dejuan Blair and Sam Young are in the NBA playoffs

The Chiefs added a receiver to put in between Dwayne Bowe and Pitt star Jon Baldwin

Pitt-Cincinnati is Andrea Adelson's game to watch from the Big East in Week 2

The baseball team took the series against Georgetown last week

Paul Chryst is a man of few words at Pitt

Pitt's track and field team is getting ready for the Big East championships

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