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Cardiac Hill ACC Power Rankings (10/23)

Tyler Smith

I really hate to say I told you so (okay, it's kind of fun, actually), but I told you so.

Last week, I ranked Maryland what looked like a bit low at No. 8 despite their 5-1 record. As I said, they hadn't been tested all that much and they were spanked this week against Wake Forest. I ranked Virginia dead last, which could have raised some eyebrows, but my point was that it was hard to rank someone below them. They, in turn, went out and were soundly beaten by Duke.

Now, Syracuse - well, after getting blown out by Georgia Tech, looks like I had them too high.

With that, I give you this week's rankings:

1. Florida State (6-0)

2. Miami (6-0) - I'm not entirely convinced they're better than Clemson (especially after their near loss to North Carolina). But with the way the Tigers were manhandled at home ... kind of hard to overlook that.

3. Clemson (6-1)

4. Virginia Tech (6-1)

5. Georgia Tech (4-3)

6. Boston College (3-3)

7. Pitt (4-2) - A better win against ODU could have moved them up, but with everyone in front of them idle or winning, it was hard to do so.

8. Wake Forest (4-3)

9. Duke (5-2)

10. Maryland (5-2)

11. Syracuse (3-4)

12. North Carolina State (3-3)

13. North Carolina (1-5)

14. Virginia (2-5)

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