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Your ACC introduction to Maryland: A Q&A with SB Nation blog Testudo Times


With Pitt's foray into the ACC, we figured it was time we go to know some of our ACC brethren. So each day for ... well, as long as we have them, we'll be posting Q&As with other SB Nation ACC blogs. The bad news? I'm lazy/tired/too busy (pick one) to get too creative here, so all ten questions were the same for every blog. The good news? That's still better than nothing.

Up today are our good friends over at Testudo Times, SB Nation's resident Maryland Terrapins blog. Check them out. Answering questions on behalf of Testudo Times is Pete Volk. We know they're not going to be with us very long, but deal with it - they're good people.

1. First, give us a little background on your blog. How/why did you get started? How long have you been at it?

For the blog itself, the famed Ben Broman (known in these parts as Ben B.) started it up in 2008, and Dave, my co-manager, joined him soon after. As for me, I came to TT from another blog at the start of 2012, and took over with Dave in May of this year.

2. So tell us a little about our ACC brethren. Besides maybe your own, of course, whose fans are the most hospitable? Who do Pitt fans need to avoid like the plague?

Hospitable ACC fans? We're already on to the tough questions. I've never really had a problem with Wake fans, but I think that's just because they're more...docile. I'm sure many are going to answer us as the fans you need to avoid, so I'm going to go ahead and say everyone else. They're all the worst. LATER, SUCKERS!

3. Again, leaving your school out, best road trip? And the place you wouldn't go even if given free airfare, lodging, and tickets?

My younger brother goes to Pitt, so for me that makes it the best road trip automatically. For the city itself? Probably Miami. Football atmosphere? Clemson. Basketball? I would say North Carolina, because I can not pick Duke in anything positive.

4. After dealing with John Marinatto in the Big East, we're pretty sure John Swofford's a genius, ninja, or both. Can you confirm/deny?

We wrote something negative about Swofford last year and these guys came to my house and CENSORED BY THE OFFICE OF THE COMMISSIONER.

5. Okay, with that out of the way, what did fans of your school think about the additions of Pitt, Syracuse, and Louisville? It's okay - rip into us ... you won't hurt our feelings (much).

For us, it's a bit different as we're on our way out. The additions of Pitt and Syracuse were announced before we left, and as a basketball school we were absolutely thrilled. We love our football team, but it pales in comparison to our basketball fandom, and to have some non-Carolina teams to compete with was an exciting thought.

6. For Pitt fans, Tony Dorsett is absolutely untouchable. Who's the athletic icon from your school (any sport) that we should never, ever make fun of?

Len Bias, for an endless list of reasons.

7. Not counting football and basketball, tell us a little more about a non/small-revenue program at your school that excels.

Our soccer and lacrosse programs are both among the best in the nation, as is our field hockey program. Between those, we usually get one or two national championships per year.

8. While ACC fans (we're told, anyway) like to dress up to the occasion for games, Pitt fans are mostly the opposite. Even our most buttoned up fans are typically rocking a jersey (including the occasional Steelers jersey) or t-shirt with jeans/shorts for nice weather games. That goes for our ladies, too, by the way. Will that cut it for a game in your neck of the woods or do we need to try harder if we don't want to get mocked endlessly?

That will absolutely cut it in our neck of the woods. The typical Maryland fan is so drunk that correctly putting a shirt and pants on is considered a bonus.

9. If we're in town, what do we need to eat and where do we eat it? Oh yeah, and give us a local attraction/touristy thing, if you can.

If you're in town, I would suggest eating out of town. College Park is pretty much a dead-zone when it comes to good food - I always preferred Chipotle and D.P. Dough, which are (obviously) chains. That being said, we're next to the nation's capital, so there's plenty of great restaurants and an endless amount of touristy things you can do there. But if you're stuck in College Park, go to one of the bars - I prefer Cornerstone but Bentley's has more history.

10. Pitt is known for its medical facilities and research - give us something non-sports related that's important about your school?

Maryland has one of the top business schools in the country - a lot of recruits end up coming here for it - but I am also proud to report we have one of the top journalism schools in the country. Top enough for my unemployment! Welcome to the conference, Pitt-ies!

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