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Cardiac Hill ACC Power Rankings

Streeter Lecka

You might remember that previously on this blog, in the Big East days, we used to do weekly power rankings coordinated by The UConn Blog. I've kind of shied away from making this a weekly feature in the ACC and still am not committing to that.

I will, however, check in at least on occasion and give some conference power rankings as I see it. Don't blame our other writers for these miserable rankings as these are my thoughts alone.

1. Clemson

2. Florida State

3. Miami

4. Georgia Tech

5. Maryland

6. Virginia

7. Virginia Tech

8. North Carolina

9. Pitt

10. Syracuse

11. North Carolina State

12. Boston College

13. Duke

14. Wake Forest

This is, predictably, an utter mess right now. Outside of my top five (and even there's debate there since I legitimately think Florida State could be better than Clemson) and maybe Wake, everything else is really up for debate. A few thoughts:

Virginia could be too high but they have the best win of the teams below them in my opinion, having beaten BYU. Virginia Tech's win against East Carolina is just below theirs, so they check in at No. 7. The Hokies near-loss to Marshall this weekend also keeps them below the Cavaliers.

North Carolina is 1-2, but have played some good competition in Georgia Tech and South Carolina.

I'm really not sure Pitt belongs at No. 9, but not convinced Syracuse, NC State, or BC are better right now.

Lots to sort out, really - this is just a first crack at things ... so yeah, tell me where I went wrong.

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