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EA Sports NCAA Football 14 Ratings and Pitt Screenshot: How bad (or good) will Pitt football be in 2014?

We had this discussion last year, but I'm not much of a gamer. I own a PS3 and a Wii mostly for the convenience of being able to play them a couple of times a year when I get the urge, but really, that's about it.

Nevertheless, generally when I do play, I'm trying to figure out one of the EA Sports games. Cheap plug? Sure it is, but it's also true. Other than Madden or NCAA Football, I just don't play much else. The release date for NCAA 14 is just around the corner, so with that, I took a look at how Pitt fared in the overall rankings.

Safe to say, not so well.

The Panthers have an overall rating of 77 in the game, which checks them in tied for 84th with the likes of Arkansas State, Hawaii, San Jose State, and Louisiana-Lafayette. Yeah, that bad.

Last year the good folks at EA Sports were kind enough to send a few screenshots of the Panthers our way. This year? No such luck. But I did find this amazingly cool screenshot of Pitt and Virginia playing in the rain over at gaming site Operation Sports.

Pitt seems to be expected by many to fail miserably this season. USA Today also, as I mentioned a short while back, has Pitt in the 80s as far as D-I teams go. Your question - will Pitt really be that bad this year?

EA Sports is running a campaign around the theme "Keep it Real" and I'll be reaching out to one of the site's commenters in the future to help us with a post related to it. In the meantime, chime in below and let me know how bad (or good) do you expect Pitt to be in 2014?

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